Meg Murphy
Jinxed 17MR
General Information
Gender: Female
Eye Color: brown
Aliases: "Hurricane Meg" Family & Friends
Family: Charlie Murphy (brother)
Friends: Ivy & Brett
Series Information
Portrayer: Ciara Bravo


Despite being nicknamed "Hurricane Meg" and carrying a century old curse, Meg Murphy is a pretty positive teenager. And now that she's about to start high school, all she wants is to be normal and free from her constant bad luck. Tired of meeting mayhem at every turn, she's taking things into her own hands to put an end to her family's curse once and for all. Can she lead the life she's always wanted, and maybe even go on a date that isn't disastrous?


  • Her best friends are Ivy and Brett.
  • Her boyfriend is Brett
  • She's portrayed by Ciara Bravo.